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ROFL All I have to say is cards against humanity makes for fun times




All I have to say is cards against humanity makes for fun times


I really want to draw a short graphic novel about my FFXIV characters, particularly Llyrwyn Snowthorne

Here are some sketches of how the story starts… If I get time, I will probably finish them.


OMG made yew look is my hero!

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Marco: Jean? (knocks)
Do you want to be my captain?
Come on, let’s go and train!
I want to see you smile again
Come fight with me
You know it’s worth your time!
We are just like best buddies
Though you’re an ass
I don’t care, I still like you!
Do you want to be my captain?

I know you want to be a captain…

Jean: Give me a break, Marco…

Marco: Okay, bye…

Marco: (knocks)
Do you want to be my captain?
Or slay some titans in the woods?
You better stop arguing with Eren, dude
If you don’t stop
Mikasa is going to kick your balls..

(it would hurt, hugh)
We made it to the top ten

I’m so proud of you

We’ll both be in the Police
(tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock)

——- Music ——-

Jean: (knocks)
Marco, please, I know you’re out there…
People keep telling me you’re dead…
They say, “accept it”, but I’m not going to
I’ know it’s just a lie
Come back to me…

You were my only true friend
It was just you and me,
United against the world…

Now I want to be your captain…

I saw all those Do You Want To Build a Snowman reinterpretation floating around and thought I could make one for the JeanMarco ship!


LET IT GO-SET: A kingdom of isolation and it looks like I’m the king…

Photo and edit by me 

Costume by Hellofeanor 

Aww Loki haha

Via | Strangeparking



I just noticed this. 
Continuity FTW.

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Waffle heaven!